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Re: Memes and Trolling

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Oh god, my X-T1 is broken I see nothing when I use flash... Oh god, is my X-Pro1 going to die, it got hit by a raindrop and it's not weather sealed... Oh god I've got the orbs... Oh god I took a picture of leaves and now they look like green makkaroni - - Is that what you mean?

Yep, that's what I meme. Plus the dreaded skin disorder.

I am really worried about the 86,000 PDAF pixels that critically impair the color reproduction capabilities of the latest sensors.

Also, we all know that raw converters cannot process X-Trans files.

Seriously, though, many of these 'issues' are simply based on ignorance. But it is a bit frightening that they are oftentimes presented by people coming from other systems and looking at the Fuji cameras for the first time. There is a lot of misconceptions floating around on the Interweb, but it's no different for any other camera system.

If those 'issues' are simply based on ignorance then why do you see them raised time and again only in the Fuji forum, also are you saying that Fuji user are ignorant?

When I was using a Canon as my primary camera, I saw plenty of similar behavior there. When I check into something about our D7000, I see plenty of trollish or ignorant behavior in the Nikon forum. I do not think the Fuji forum is any different.

yes you do get trolls in other forums there is much more of it in here, there is also a lot of exaggerations made and this constant need to pit the Fuji's against FF DSLR's or the A7/R, no other forum does that.

That is in fact partly Fuji's own fault. They started out with the X-Pro1 claiming that it's 'as good as FF'. Subsequently, a lot of people investigated that claim, leading to a ton of very heated discussions. I remember those days...

Hmmm, not sure about al that. I for one, dream of the day that a FF camera becomes unnecessary for what I do. The X-T1 is the closest yet. It is exciting to me. I am happy to see it close the gap in AF ability.

This is a gear forum. Isn't comparing gear part and parcel of what is "supposed" to happen here?

People talk about FF and APS-C being apples and oranges, but it is just not the case. The only difference is about 33% smaller sensor. Otherwise it is apples and apples.

Go Fuji, Go!

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