7-14mm for travel?

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UWA is really cool - go for it

For years i didn't think I needed an UWA and just stiched.   I bought the 9-18nm last year, and no way I'm selling it.   You can do more with an UWA that stitching just doesn't get you.

Saying that, UWA is not very good for people.   The wider you go the more faces and bodies can get distorted.   However, the 9-18mm is a better choice for an all-rounder than the 7-14mm.   I could easily take the 9-18mm and and a telephoto on vacation and be happy.   The 7-14mm is a fine lens, though.

Sometimes you just need more than one lens.   That's why they make them interchangable.   With m43, carrying an extra lens is no problem - they weigh nothing.    Pair up the 7-14mm with a fast prime (20mm or 25mm) and you are good to go.  Or if you wanted to stick with zooms, adding the 14-54 or a 14-42 are inexpensive options.

Anyway, I say go for the UWA.

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