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Re: EM5 outdated tech

Bluevortex wrote:

Terry Breedlove wrote:

I loved my em-5 with 17 mm f 1.8 bẻfore it was stolen a couple weeks ago- I would buy another one in a heart beat accept the technology is getting left behind. Even the new baby OMD EM10 has features its big brother EM5 doesn't. Yet I want the weather sealing of the EM5 so the EM10 isn't for me. Problem is i can't see Oly updating the EM5 with wifi and focus peaking etc until they also have a new imaging chip to put in it. I don't see them doing that until the EM-1 has been out for sometime. Maybe a year or more. I do not want the EM-1 because i can get the same iq with the much cheaper EM-5 plus it is ugly. I don't want the EM-10 because of no weather sealing. Any thoughts on the future of the EM-5 update?

I hate reading threads like this on this forum, I've just made the leap from an EP-3 to a used EM-5 and already my camera is considered 'outdated tech'. It wasn't that long ago the EM5 was the best thing since sliced bread - whats changed?


The E-M5 was ahead of its time - arguably nobody else has an IBIS as good as that created by Olympus for this camera. My E-M5 still gives me amazing still image IQ (Pannie is ahead when it comes to video) that is more than a match for the IQ I got from the GH3.

It's not outdated just because there's a newer model. Wi-Fi is a bit of a gimmick IMHO but I guess others might argue it's a must... There are a few other nice features on the E-M10 that are absent from the E-M5, but that's also like the G6 versus the GH3 as well, with the G6 having focus peaking for example, and the GH3 not offering it. Manufacturers always add new things.

Your E-M5 will still give you great IQ for years to come - I suggest stepping back from gear envy - I suffer from it too much myself and it is a drain on the bank balance...

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