Memes and Trolling

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Re: Memes and Trolling

DocetLector wrote:

To me there is a difference. The Fuji cameras get regurarely bashed by people who are rooted in different other forums,

I don't know about that. It's very prevalent on certain other forums. Sony makes lousy lenses. Micro 4/3 sensor are small & noisy. Lots of battling between those camps. But at the same time, as mirrorless systems become closer to DSLRs in their capabilities, it gets harder to dismiss them and there's increasing respect for "other" brands from people who use other systems - at least from DSLR users. I think that's even more pronounced for Fuji. I think there are plenty of people who aren't shooting Fuji who admire what the company is doing. (Count me as one of them). There will always be fanboys.

And the memes work both ways, too ... "Fuji designs cameras for photographers". It kind of takes on a life of its own, but is rooted in truth.

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