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Re: I'm a JPEG shooter

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agree 100% ! Just recently a guy opened up a thread about waxy skin tones, showing a photo which was out of focus, way off WB and badly exposed. I would really like to know if those people do have Fuji gear because it is so easy to open up a new thread in another forum, claiming I have a camera this or that brand. Who can verify ? May be just trolls!

There are trollish topics, for sure, but that one isn't one of them. The plasticky skin rendition is a well-known flaw in the JPEG engine of the newer cameras. Whether it's blown out of proportion is another matter, but for JPEG shooters it is a legitimate problem.

I'm a JPEG shooter. Even for weddings, engagements, and studio sessions, I use JPEGs only.

I have deadlines to meet for my clients, and a full time job outside of photography, so I try to get everything right in camera, so I can spend minimum time in photoshop.

However, I've never had issues with plasticky skin as bad as the other thread showed. It looks like the photo was out of focus, and he adjusted the clarity setting to the extreme.

Besides, if waxy skin is a such a well-known issue, shoulnd't owners of the Fuji cameras should avoid high ISO or shoot RAW or use a flash?

That is better discussed in the other threads that deal with the subject, but yes, your suggestion is quite valid. However, a lot of people are ticked off by the fact that the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 do not show that behavior nearly as bad (if at all) as the X-E2. It has less to do with shooting technique than with Fuji's implementation of the JPEG engine. They as much as admitted that they render images to satisfy certain markets, which might not satisfy other markets.

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