Why 'more or less stopped using ISO'?

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Re: Why 'more or less stopped using ISO'?

xpatUSA wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

The whole concept of 'ISO' is based around a methodology which says 'choose a processing regime' and then 'choose an exposure to match'. Since ISO is all about mapping from exposure to output image brightness, it isn't much use when you want to maximise capture information - then you need to use other methodologies for exposure control, which have become loosely wrapped up as 'ETTR' or 'ISOless'.

Quite so.

With my camera, if shoot a scene at ISO 100 and 1/100 sec and then at ISO 400 and 1/100 sec, the raw data is the same in each image. I guess that makes it a) an 'ISO-less' camera and b) a waste of time messing with the ISO 'knob'.

Is it completely identical, including the metadata ? I would expect the file header to include some indication for the raw converter telling it by how much to multiply the numbers.

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