Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

scotbot wrote:

As another poster said, using a smartphone and Instagram / Snapseed etc really brings home that the minor imperfections seen when pixel peeping don't really matter for anyone who has a life to get on with and lives in the real world where photographs are viewed no larger than 1920x1080.

That's the point. I'm so glad I did buy the A7 over the A7R. 24MP are already enough to get lost in a huge sea of pixels that sucks and swallows you into your monitor (mine BTW is still 1024x768...).

I always show my images to my wife and she is oblivious to technical imperfections and always sheds valuable light on the image itself. Most people don't care about pixel peeping any more than they care about a bit of hiss on a Hendrix or Pink Floyd* recording.

I hate to show my images to my woman. She always immediately finds what's wrong and she tells me how she'd've done it (and she's almost always right). She uses an old Coolpix and takes better images than me (she didn't even care when her older camera had a completely foggy and scratched lens...).

Pixel peeping reminds me of the bad old days when I used to write and record music and saw many utterly talentless bands fussing over a bit of inaudible noise on a recording of their breathtakingly pointless and awful music. See my first point - when you can create really good art then start worrying about the minor technical details.

Here we go. That's the reason why I want to stop this pixel peeping non sense: I want to focus on taking better pictures as a whole, with a soul and a story to tell, not sharper pictures where the black and white points are perfectly where they should be that actually say nothing at all.

*pretty rare actually as Alan parson was such an outstanding engineer - a definite decibel peeper.

well, he was paid to sound-peep, I'm not

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