Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

Chris Malcolm wrote:

1) I need better light bulbs in my home

Or a tripod.

Not gonna work, my son is faster than the dreaded 1/60s shutter speed that my Sony cameras like so much. Though if I master panning maybe...

Or a flashgun which can bounce flash and operate off camera. Or a good LED panel or two.

I do have the HVL-F60M, but I feel kinda ridiculous with it mounted on the A7 running after my child like a paparazzi. He's 18 months old, I'm trying not to traumatize him

As for external light, the A7 can't trigger the flash (though I could use the HVL-F60M to trigger the HVL-F58AM in a feast of blinding lights), as well as my NEX5N can't either. The A55 would do the trick (both decent built in flash and trigger capabilities), but my woman can stand only few shots per evening before yelling at me incomprehensible words in German...

I think the easiest solution is to exchange the two useless light's i have in the living room with something a tad brighter

Sharpness isn't just something you get from a high quality camera and lens. It's technique as well, including post processing technique.

yeah, I do use mostly MF lenses, and I am still not a pro when it comes down to moving subjects with the lens wide open. Also, every time my son sees me with the camera, he doesn't care that the closest he comes, the shallower the DOF. So he inevitably runs at me sticking he's finger out toward my F1.2 lens...

2) I need to get out more (if the sun would shine more often it would be easier to do...).

All this just by checking an image taken with my "old" (but always loyal) NEX5N and the "crappy" SEL16F28...

So you've found that your camera and lens is good enough. Next you need to learn about the effects of aperture, shutter speed, stability, and lighting, on sharpness. Pixel peeping is how you find out. It's how you learn how to improve your skills.

When it comes down to technical stuff (how to calculate DOF based on FL, aperture and distance for example, or 1/FL shutter speed for hand held shots), I think I know my business well enough. What I haven't learned yet though, is (even more basic) stuff like framing, use of the light, setting the mood (though I read many books about these topics). For this, pixel peeping is destructive, as looking at the image as a whole is way more important. Being obsessed with sharpness is not the way to become a good photographer. Let's take the most famous street photography masters: they use zone focusing. As good as one is with this technique, it can give you tack-sharp images. Still, the images are sharp enough an praised.

I really rather take slightly OOF images that tell a story, than perfect tack-sharp shots of my bookshelves. I do appreciate the learning opportunity that exercising provides, but my main goal right now is to develop the photographers eye (if that's possible at all, maybe it's just something your born with, and I'm not )

The therapy is to stop thinking of pixel peeping as a way of showing up the defects of your gear. Start regarding it as a way of learning how to improve your skills.

on this you are perfectly right. I focus too much on the defects of my gear. But that's a very good way to unload the blame for lame pictures from my shoulders

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