I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

Ralf B wrote:

The current pricing may indicate the opposite.

Another reason for the perceived "urgency" of the a77 replacement is the uncertainty on Sony's plans for A Mount (oh sh..., I contribute to doom and gloom....). So the community is waiting for reassuring news.

If so, there should be not a cosmetic lifting only...

But a new one with undergoing considerable changes through the video/audio/tv and network interfaces with disruptive technology advantages inside (open source control and access and so on), as well as an important technological breakthrough in performances, completed by a HUGE buffer and two memory slots to support 240 MB/s SD card, to replace the A77 to my side.

A roadmap announcement might already do.

No offense but this is believing in fairy tales. Sony clearly target the red camp (if not the yellow at the same time?), so there is no reason to say to everybody: "Hello girls*, look inside my nice roadmap..."

* Means R&D

But that is very unlikely, Sony has been tighjt-lipped on A Mount road maps ever since the a77 failed to boost their market share.

Sony was not shy to announce the roadmap for FE lenses. Well maybe they were shy but were forced to release that roadmap, as there were no FE lenses when the A7 and A7r were announced. So Sony's usual silence on their plans would have been a DOA for the FE release. Also, they discovered and then claimed a niche sans competition with FE - so that helped to get them into communicating their future plans for FE.

In A Mount, they are still the distant third behind CaNikon. So, where is the incentive to break their corporate policy of being "shy" here? My guess: They may be scared of releasing info to which CaNikon can react to, see PDAF on sensor in the Canon 70D , opposite to FE which CaNikon obviously can't counter up to now. So Sony's lips remain tight. No A mount road map. No news. In consequence, the community is worried.

Back to pricing: I take the a77 current price level as too low for a continued sale without replacement. The a6000 on sensor PDAF - if its claimed AF performance shows in real reviews - is a positive indication of things to come. OTOH, the a99 "discounts" really bring the a99 body only price point to where it should officially be by now - but still isn't. No replacement in sight here - before Photokina. Ooooops, I speculated......


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