ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: Retail Price

Ken wrote:

Not really since you can buy it on the Panasonic website for $449... along with every other

website selling it...

Well, as I said above, B&H advertised it a few weeks ago for pre-order it at $499, and they confirmed that in an advice to me by email. Their price has since come down to $449.

I just received a email from B&H. They told me Panasonic right now is dictating to them

the lowest possible selling price of $449 (right now..) They said they have not received

any notices from Panasonic about a sale. Sort of sucks in away but

that's just Panasonic keeping the price up and not letting the market determine

what the selling price will be. I suppose it helps the little guy who can't sell at such

a deep discount as the big guys. B&H is stating mid April for delivery.

I suppose if there is no discount and have to wait, I might just hang in there and

see if the local BestBuy will carry it. Have to pay the taxes but I look at it

as insurance in case it doesn't work out of the box

Maybe it makes it sound not so bad for you if you know that in Australia the price is Au $600.


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