Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

xexe wrote:

After being disappointed at the sharpness on the FE 35mm on the A7R I thought I should seek help too.


I found it, very unexpectedly in... (don't judge me)... Iphone photography.

LoL! Gotta buy one then

My A7R was off for quite some time for repairs and in the meantime I started taking very hipster pics with the Iphone and editing them on the go with Snapseed which does not offer magnification! I started editing for the whole picture and not for the detail. Now the A7R is back, I got myself the Zeiss 24-70 lens and I am not complaining about its sometimes smeared edges! I zoom in 1:1 much less, trying to achieve an overall mood with the picture. I even use some VSCO presets, which add grain... GRAIN! I set the zoom to 1:3 or 1:2 when I need to see details. Much more relaxed. I hope it lasts!

I wish you luck! I used to be that way too, did little editing, almost never zoomed 100% and have been happy shooting just for the fun of it.

Then I started working on occasion for a website that requires a certain level of quality, I learned the basics of LightRoom and ended up in PixelPeeping Land...

Another good cure is shooting film for a while

I do shoot film, I have several Minolta bodies and I usually use a XD7 I repaired myself, plus another one on its way to the Netherlands to get professional CLA. Oh, and I bought an Olympus 35RD from Tripman in the UK; it should arrive by the end of the week.

Wait a minute: I HAVE GAS TOO!!! :(((

and getting c**p scans from the lab because you cannot afford 6£ a roll for high res scan (10 rolls = 60£ extra for getting high res scans of pics that might not be worth it!!!!).

I bought myself (for half the price only, mind you) a Reflecta RPS 7200. I love to scan my negatives. Film photography is another world!

I also need better light bulbs at home. And better weather outside!

We should organize a bus trip to some sunny place for those of use stuck in countries with bad weather...

Hang in there, pixel peeping is a bad beast, you just need to learn how to use it to improve and not to hold you back!


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