Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

Chris Malcolm wrote:

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

I keep being slightly unhappy with the quality of my images, always pixel peeping and being disappointed by noise, blurred images and lack of detail even using an Ultron 40mm on an A7.

I usually think it's my fault, bad technique or something. By chance I had a close look to one of the few images took in the sun outside few months back and realized:

1) I need better light bulbs in my home

Or a tripod. Or a flashgun which can bounce flash and operate off camera. Or a good LED panel or two. Sharpness isn't just something you get from a high quality camera and lens. It's technique as well, including post processing technique.

2) I need to get out more (if the sun would shine more often it would be easier to do...).

All this just by checking an image taken with my "old" (but always loyal) NEX5N and the "crappy" SEL16F28...

So you've found that your camera and lens is good enough. Next you need to learn about the effects of aperture, shutter speed, stability, and lighting, on sharpness. Pixel peeping is how you find out. It's how you learn how to improve your skills.

If you know any therapy group for pixel peepers, please give me the phone number!

The therapy is to stop thinking of pixel peeping as a way of showing up the defects of your gear. Start regarding it as a way of learning how to improve your skills.

Good points Chris, but in the way of learning, people should also learn to look at the whole picture instread of the pixels. there is so much we can learn, like use of light, cropping right, etc. A picture well taken, but a tine little bit soft at 100% can be a beautifull picture when printed large, or when looked at on a HD screen or so.

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