ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: Retail Price

Not really since you can buy it on the Panasonic website for $449... along with every other

website selling it...

I just received a email from B&H.  They told me Panasonic right now is dictating to them

the lowest possible selling price of $449  (right now..) They said they have not received

any notices from Panasonic about a sale. Sort of sucks in away but

that's just Panasonic keeping the price up and not letting the market determine

what the selling price will be.    I suppose it helps the little guy who can't sell at such

a deep discount as the big guys.   B&H is stating mid April for delivery.

I suppose if there is no discount and have to wait, I might just hang in there and

see if the local BestBuy will carry it.  Have to pay the taxes but I look at it

as insurance in case it doesn't work out of the box


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