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Arn wrote:

jennyrae wrote:

define serious player? because cannot comprehend what is mean by this. is NX30 not serious equipment?

Others have already responded to this, but just take a look at this Viking79's feature request thread: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53145467 to get an idea for the kind of things that NX1 needs to be "serious".

Samsung needs to have a camera, that is utterly reliable and responsive in ways, that we've learned to have our DSLR's. No lag, no waiting for buffer to clear, AF-lock button, good mechanical quality, weather sealing, etc etc. There's a lot of basic features that the Samsung cameras don't offer that you can get from a very cheap DSLR (like no lag and better AF features). For example, Olympus' u43 E-M1 offers top of the line AF, weather sealing, very little lag, a lot of customisabilty, etc.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that I love in Samsung NX (as I guess most people here know), but I also see room for improvement. I think Samsung should go all out in the way of Fuji, Olympus and recently Sony in how they provide features for their cameras. I wish Samsung won't hold back, when they introduce the NX1. I don't want it to be a "simple" camera, I want it to have everything that an enthusiast or a pro would want.

Yes I agree with you, Samsung NX camera system need to improve in a lot of area, even with latest NX30 camera.

Well it's pretty much the same situation for Canon and Nikon with their APS-C and FF camera too. There is also long improvement list in Canon and Nikon 700D, 70D, 7D, 6D, D5300, D7100, D610, D800/e and so on.

All cameras on the market today is not perfect, and they will never be. Not only the strategic and marketing approach from all camera makers are different, but the demands from photographers are different too.

As said photographer demand are different, casual user can take family photo with just a compact or smartphone camera and they won't spot any different.

Intermediate/hobbyist user can take picture taking very nice picture with just DSLM-irrorless camera and they won't spot any different or short coming.

Advance user can take very timely & good normal ISO pictures and make good living out of it with just shallow buffer APS-C camera yet their budget client/customer won't spot any different or demand the use of FF or MF camera.

I am not saying Samsung camera was the best or has no problem. I'm just another guy like the Samsung haters talking about camera in camera gear forum. And like those claimed, Samsung need improvement, so does so for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and so on..

At the end of the day, a camera usage was purely up to each and individual NEED and DEMAND. If you don't like A brand, go B brand. It's as simple as don't like A plan, then go B plan.

So there's absolutely no need for anyone come into any brand forum talk every single day and to continuously shout & telling everybody around and wanted everyone to concur with him that what this brand need to be change, what this brand need to be improve.

If we being the minority users know the limitation/short coming in a particular brand cameras, I am very sure that particular brand know about it too, with their plentiful of tester and customer feedback.

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