For EM-5/E-PM2, do people like Olympus 75-300mm or Panasonic 100-300mm

Started Feb 19, 2014 | Questions thread
Michael Meissner
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Thanks for the various links. For an Olympus body, it looks like it may be a toss-up. Obviously for a Panasonic body, the 100-300mm is the clear winner. Now, I have the Olympus 14-150mm lens, but going with the 75-300mm lens would allow me to carry just two lenses with my E-M5.

In looking at my stats, it looks like about only 10% of my shots since 2001 have been at 300mm equivalent FOV or higher. Of course, many times I don't have the zoom lenses with me.

That brings me back to thinking about whether the SH-50 would be more cost effective.  I mostly have ruled out the larger 50x zooms (Olympus SP-100 and Fujifilm S1) due to size of the camera.  After all, the whole idea is to downsize from carrying 2 DSLRs.

Compared to the lens, it should be easy to fit a SH-50 in my bag or pocket, and use it when I need to get past 300mm. Since I already have the TG-2 for when I want to slim down, the SH-50 uses the same LI-90 battery, so I can leave at least one charger at home.  At $250, the SH-50 is cheaper than either of the lenses.

I might try the 4/3rds 70-300mm when I get the E-M5. It may do as a stop-gap measure, but the 4/3rds 70-300mm is even heavier than the Panasonic lens.

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