D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

Started Feb 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Let's see...

One of the best FF sensors (#2) in existence? Check.

Affordable? Check.

Well built? Environmentally sealed? Check.

Full featured? Yup, for the most part, except for a couple things like 1/4000 shutter.

That covers the needs of quite a lot of people.

What's not to like at the price point?  It's as good or better at many things as a $3,400 5DM3, which is the closest off-brand competition.  We're lucky to have such a camera in our arsenal, IMHO.

The D610 is pretty amazing when you think about it, that sensor and feature set for $2000?  It may not be the absolute best at any one thing but it is one hell of a value for enthusiasts and professionals alike.  Not long ago, you needed $9,000 if you wanted 24MP, practically limited to lower ISO's.

I sure do know a lot of people happy with the D600/D610.

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