Why no lens uniformity?

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Re: Wow...did high schools actually stop teaching physics?

Despite having already stated I couldn't care less about high level uniformity, I'll say I'm glad they at least started selling most of their primes in black in addition to silver... That's just low hanging fruit, i.e. easy for them to address and something that I'm sure pleased many.

Then again, what do I know, I've probably made the oddest choice as far as colors... Bought the 45mm/1.8 in black (figured silver plastic would look cheaper), the 20mm/1.7 in silver (cause it just looks cool)... Then ended up with the 12-32mm in silver too, figured I'd keep all my pancakes silver at least, heh. It actually totally looks like metal too, they used pretty decent plastic on it, makes me curious about Oly's silver plastic now.

I guess the fact that I put so much thought into all that kinda validates the uniformity argument at some level, but ehh... I'm still glad it's seemingly their last priority. Something like the 9-18mm would probably work nothing like the lens it is if they were trying to fit it into some preconceived style mold, yet I want it because it's collapsible, small, has a nice and usable range, etc.

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