FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

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Re: FE 16-35mm f4 UW zoom

abortabort wrote:

Nah it will be smaller than the 17-40mm. Look at the 24-70mm OSS FE vs Canon 24-70mm f4 IS L as a guide to the size difference.

There are many things that go into the size/weight of a lens. If you compare the Sony 24-70mm f4 to the Canon 24-70mm f4 you discover the Canon is a bit thicker, a bit shorter, and a bit heaver.

Canon 24-70mm f4L IS USM * 3.28 x 3.66" * 1.32lbs * 77mm front

Sony 24-70mm f4 * 2.87 x 3.72 * 15.17oz * 67mm front

The Canon has a bigger front element, and more glass involved (15/12 vs 12/10).  It would be interesting to compare these lenses side by side.  Canon retails for $1499 vs $1298 Sony.  These lenses are more alike than not, but obviously the Sony is designed to be as light and small as possible where the Canon is likely performance driven vs weight.  Still when the rubber hits the road the lenses are 4oz difference in weight, and .4 inches wider Canon and .07 inches longer Sony.

When your running around in the woods does the few oz weight difference make a big difference?  Sony can not make their lenses physically smaller as there is the whole bothersome physics thing.  Basically these two systems are more alike than different.  You may save a few ozs of weight on the body, but size wise the lenses are comparable.  In fact Canon/Nikon could build a lighter lens. A Canon Rebel DSLR is 18.2 oz and a A7 is 14.6oz.  A FF Canon is 1.9 lbs so close to a lbs heavier.

Manufactures of DSLRs could work hard on making their cameras light but I do not see that happening.  But imagine how long it will take NikCan to make a mirrorless camera.... not more than a year or two. Nikon already has a kickarse mirrorless focus, they both have a ton of lenses.... interesting times we live in.

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