Why no lens uniformity?

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Re: Wow...did high schools actually stop teaching physics?

Corkcampbell wrote:

thomasw333 wrote:

I personally want all of the Prime lenses to be metal bodies with the same filter size, and the manual focus snap ring.

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You provide nothing with your statement. Basically you know nothing and have nothing good to add to the world. I know that Olympus would not be able to make the filter size the same for all lenses, unless they had a very large size, as in unnecessarily large for some lenses front element. It does not take an adequately intelligent person to make some inferences from my statements. But if a person would use a tiny bit of logic, they could still see the validity of my post, in that it would be nice for some lens uniformity. Some lens "lines" that people could read and understand what level lens they are buying.

And I do not really care about the metal bodies, actually I want plastic bodies, or at least the front end of the lens to be plastic so we could use simple bayonet mount lens hoods. I do not care about the manual focus rings either. But I put that in the thread to hopefully drum up some more responses.

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So you're just trolling? If you have no skin in the game, so to speak, what purpose does the discussion serve? Seems you're contradicting your own points...

I don't care about the metal bodies or manual clutch rings, specially if it has a very obvious impact on the pricing (e.g. 12mm & 17mm). I care much more about the speed, the general optical quality, the size, the weight, hell even the minimum focus distance; so I'm glad they ignored uniformity in light of other considerations.

I'm not too concerned with branding or where a lens "fits" in a product line, ultimately that's mostly marketing bs anyway. If it's weather sealed or has fancy metal body I can see it in the specs, doesn't need a cute moniker.

Maybe that kinda thing helps sell glass though, which is something Olympus should definitely weigh, but I'm not a marketing major and I gather most people here aren't either nor do they have access to Olympus' books... So any discussion towards that end is pure conjecture at best and fanboy ranting at worst.

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