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Re: The good news...

captura wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

captura wrote:

Or you could wait until April. "IMHO the GX7 has been intentionally over-rated by the community. It's mostly spin. It's sensor is not up to par."

Please enlighten me, not up to par in what regards? I don't have one, but I have the GM1 and I'd take that sensor over the one in my GH3 any day of the week. I don't read a lot of the technical reports on sensors, but I know I like it better at both base and high ISO's. Maybe I'm missing something that is happening that my eye's can't see, but if that's the case, does it matter?

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Mark James
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Of course he is making that up. I looked at DxO and for DR the NEX 6 and GX7 are virtually equal at almost all ISOs. Now add the lenses that range up to 1 stop wider and IBIS and you end up with something that will usually be noticably better (like 2-3 stops difference!)...the GX7....and then it also has better specs for everything too.

If you are going to stretch the truth, then at least stop making statements which are so easy for me to prove wrong.

Here are the DxO scores for the GX7 vs the NEX-6:

GX7 overall score = 70

NEX-6 overall score = 78

As I said, the GX7's sensor is not up to par.

If you're going to use DXO Mark at least look at the graphs that actually mean something. The Sony has a slightly better noise ratio and the difference is 1db which outside of a lab specific test isn't even noticeable thats about it, their dynamic range is identical ... Now consider the sensor is smaller... Then you have to think about the fact that E mount is basically dead according to Sony's recent press release.

The Sony looks good on paper... But it's only half the story, camera sensor is one thing, but if you can't get any fast zoom lenses, and half the amount of primes, well no matter how good it looks on paper. It can't be used in reality...

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