Tell Me About Your Stupid Mistakes

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Re: Tell Me About Your Stupid Mistakes

Drove 300 miles for a photo weekend and forgot to pack the camera.

Slung my camera rucksack over my shoulder without zipping it up (expensive)

Convinced myself the camera had suddenly developed intermittent focus problems when shooting something about 6m away... then realised I'd left the lens focus limiter set at 6m to infinity.

Charged the battery but forgot to take it out of the charger before going out to shoot.

Not realising my camera bag had started to float out to sea whilst concentrating on getting some long exposure shots of waves breaking on the rocks.

loosening the tripod quick release plate rather than the ball head lock (expensive again)

Sheesh! Why did you make me think about all this... I'm not safe to be let out with a camera!

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Have Fun
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