Dpreview Forum Display issues

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Vernon D Rainwater Forum Pro • Posts: 13,661
Dpreview Forum Display issues

I am having difficulty with displays when viewing Dpreview Forums since part of the details, on the right side of screen; are being overlaid by the several different displayed items such as advertising, etc -- for all except when viewing my Home page which is Printers and printing. Example Image at 150% below.

One screen copy (150% view) of Home Page Printers and Printing. This displays what appears to be normal and correct.

I used PC Talk Forum for illustration:

I have included screen copies for examples when viewing at 100% and the same when viewing at 150 %.

Due to the small font size, I usually view using 150 % in order to see "best" when viewing.

One set (of 2) is for top part of first page of PC Talk .

The other set of 2 is for viewing a selected Thread within PC Talk.

The issue appears to be when viewing specific threads in Forums. Example is for PC Talk

Anyone have suggestions for how to correct this.

Part of first page

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