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D610 & D600 weakest of all Nikon FX cameras

While this may seem flame worthy, let's take a close look at the facts and please remember that this is MY OPINION based on my needs!

D800 and D800e are the champs for resolution. There is no other Nikon FX camera that does what the D800 does and it's still the camera to beat for ultimate detail.

D4 is the speed champ. With astonishing speed, this pro bodied DSLR leads if you shoot sports and low light events.

Df is the low light champ and is also the lightest smallest FX DSLR from Nikon ever. It's also the OOC champ producing the best files with the least amount of work.

D610 is not the champ of anything. The D4 and Df best it in low light. The D800 beats it for resolution. If I'm shooting landscape and product I'll choose the D800. Shooting low light, event, portraits and street, Df. Sports, action is the realm of the D4. Why would I choose the D610 for any of this?

Also problematic, though subjective, is the handling of the D610. Never have I held a semi-pro or pro body that feels this cheap, this plasticky and this much like a game controller. Like a pregnant skittle with buttons, the D610 just feels all wrong in my hands and this is probably why so few of my pro friends have bought one. They'll deal with the slow D800 and fixing it's files. They work around the Df 39 point AF. They'll work with the bulky D4 for the speed payoff. But the D610??? Not so much.

Again, this is my view after shooting (mostly) with a D600 for a bit. It's on my "never buy" list.

That's my view and D600/610 owners should not be worried about it. The D610 was designed as an entry level FX unit and it's perfectly marketed towards people who are likely dissevering what their needs will be. But potential buyers should consider the small upgrade towards a camera that excels on some levels as well, assuming they know what what they need.



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