For those who thought the Df flopped...

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For the naysayers who thought Df has flopped and is for the hipsters only...

In response to how Df has performed, this is what Nikon executives had to say...

Very well, we’re actually back-ordered in some countries. Even in Japan, we had a tough time getting hold of enough Df samples to display here at CP+ for our visitors. If you order a Df now in Japan you’d have to wait around two months. So if you order now you’d probably end up paying 8% VAT!

The Df is proving very popular, especially among the younger generation - both male and female. Older people know that the Df looks like a traditional camera, but to young people the design is completely new and fresh.

Even internally there was some debate about how the concept of this camera should be positioned in the market but it turned out very well.

Source -

By the way, I don't own a Df and I don't think it meets my needs or style. However, I am glad to see people enjoying their cameras.

...Nikon to say something else? It would mean a commercial suicide.

I realise you hadn't read my posts above, but as a publicly traded corporation they couldn't say sales were good when they were bad. That would put management and the company at risk of civil suits and regulatory action. If a companies sales are bad, they say that they haven't met expectations or refuse to comment. If they say what Nikon said in this interview it means they are out performing their internal sales expectations. You can assume those would factor in at least a modest return, so likely this is selling well and a relatively to majorly profitable camera for them.

I've read your posts above and I think you're missing the point. The Nikon execs are not allowed to say anything that is misleading. Correct. If you look at the comments carefully, there is nothing misleading because there is no point of reference. At the same time, nothing in those comments shows that the Df is a success.
A good executive will always speak positively and emphasise good news (in this case, sales are going well in Japan). This particular exec is doing well in the PR department to which I must congratulate.

The proof is actually in the numbers for which none have been presented as far as I'm aware.

Disclaimer: Df owners, please do not read my post as a personal attack on your credibility.

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