For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

camera many folks want, but the price stops them cold.

But why assume that some people don't rather than won't? It seems that the only reason one would say "can't afford" is to be insulting and to rationalize that there are those who don't see value in the Df.

Rich, there is simply no other reason why people would repeatedly attack their own. I'm not saying ALL of the haters are jealous. But I'm confident some most certainly are. And some of the funny reactions support this.

1) The Df sensor is a better all-around sensor for my needs, outperforming my D800 and lessening the workflow by no small extent.

No argument. But you have been saying that again and again. Before you even put your hands on it, you were enthusiastic to the point that was nauseous. But lets get something straight; this thread was not about the camera. It is about the Nikon interview. Now it has become about the camera and those who use it and those who don't.

And let's get this even more straight, right off the bat the haters appeared and attacked the Df for it's AF and it was then called a failure. Have a look.

So naturally, idiotic comments got shot down. They always will. As others pointed out, Nikon would be in deep trouble by lying about sales. And too many people are posting in this very forum who have bought the Df for anyone to seriously think it's a failure. When people I know at the two top NY camera sellers say the Df sales have surprised them I know it's doing well.

But that really doesn't matter because the haters dived right in with their silly comments.

2) I don't need and have never needed the 51 point AF of the D800/D4. What I do require is that the center point be excellent and the Df and D610 work beautifully in this regard.

Okay. But some do. I love my D600, just as you love the Df. But a lot of what I shoot is action. While the D600 can be used in that manner, it is my D3 with its higher frame rate and faster focus tracking, that makes it a better tool for what I do. The poster, who said he would have loved a 51 point sensor in the Df; curleyone, probably is one who wants a D700 replacement. He was politely told that it don't exist and then all h--l broke loose on this thread.

Yup! That's part of it.

Great! And I haven't commented on it in a long time. What I am qualified to do is to decide what tool is best for me, just as you have determined that the Df is best for you. And while I have determined that the Df is currently not for me, I am not going to simply dismiss it out of hand. I intend to make the trek into NYC in the spring and among other things have a long look at the Df. I know, "you got to use it to get use to it." That doesn't fly with me. I already have had cameras that I have had to get used to. That doesn't work for me. But we'll see.

Right. And I don't like the D610. And I've spent time with the D600. I can't fathom why anyone would buy it over a D800. But that's based on MY needs and actually...I can fathom it. Just like I can fathom why someone would like a Df or Coolpix A over the Ricoh. I'd have to be a jerk to say otherwise and a bigger jerk to chase after every thread to say it again and again to owners.

And that's exactly what a few are doing. And they're getting spanked for it and deservedly so.

And what are you doing? Every time you get a chance, You give your view on the new love of your life. If you are going to bring up all the great things about the Df, then you leave yourself open to criticism. If you are going to attack those who find fault in the camera,with comments about economic capability, then expect a strong reaction to your comments. This thread wasn't even about the camera. It was about statements made by the executives at Nikon, concerning the sale of the Df.

I OWN THE CAMERA. And this thread was reduced to attacks on the camera (the same old ones) in less than 5 or 6 posts. Go look for yourself.

I'm sorry, buy fake photographers who don't own the gear are going to be treated with disdain at this point. I can't even imagine why your defending such nasty behavior.

So I'll ask: Why are you defending people who repeatedly parrot the same negative posts on gear they don't own created by actual owners of that gear?

Your paranoia is your problem. No one in this thread attacked users of the Df.

You better look again. Within a few posts the Df was attacked and called a failure. I think you must have missed it. This is just nasty rotten behavior and it's exactly how jealous individuals behave. If they're not jealous, then what else would you like to call them?

Let's try this: I don't like the D610 handling. The whole body feels very cheap to me and like a plastic game controller. I've rarely held anything that feels less like a serious camera. I don't know why anyone would buy a D610 when the sensor is second rate for resolution (against the D800) and second rate for high ISO (against the D4 and Df). The D610 is good, yet excels at NOTHING. It is the ONLY FX Nikon camera to have this dubious distinction. Thus it was obvious to many that a Df or D4 would be a far more versatile and logical extension to our D800 kits. I wouldn't want a D610 for 1000 dollars let alone 2000. The D610 is a waste of money for me.

There it is; my feelings about the D610. You don't have to agree with them. But they are valid for me. They should NOT offend you because they're based on MY needs.

But how about if I repost that in EVERY D610 thread that comes along? What would that be like? Would it be nice? Would it be fair?


I'm not commenting on the rest because what I've written above is salient and obvious.



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