FZ200 (and others) in Antarctica

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FZ200 (and others) in Antarctica

We just got back from 2 weeks on a cruise to Antarctica with stops in the Falkland Islands, Ushaia, Argentina, and Puerto Madryn in Argentina.

I took the FZ200 and Canon G15 and S95.  Photo conditions in Antarctica were poor, with fog, snow, and powerful winds.

Here's just sample of my 668 shots.

Sunset, leaving Buenos Aires.  -2/3 exposure comp., cloudy WB, S95; looking back as we sail out

12 Albatross in the South Atlantic

One Albatross.  Fast AF and shutter made these fairly easy.  8 ft wingspan on this species.

Beagle Channel in southern Argentina.  Sun was just up.

Peaks on the north side of the Beagle Channel.  It snowed the night before, S95

Russian research vessel, the Sergey Vavarov.  Similarto the one that got stuck in the ice last month.

The Akademik Sergey Vavarov is just coming in to Ushaia - themajor jumping off point for Antarctica's west side.  There was also a Chinese research station support vessel in port.  Complete with helicopter and ice breaker bow.  Also, several smaller ships.

White Fronted Cormorants nesting on rocks near Ushaia.

Other rocks are home to Southern Sea Lions

Paradise Bay, Antarctic Peninsula  A pair of humpback whales

Off of Deception Island - Another humpback

Look close, there's hundreds of Chinstrap Penguins making for the Island.  We saw several large groups

A headland where penguins nest.  You have to zoom way in to see them.  Conditions were terrible!

That plateau up on top is where all those penguins were headed.  No easy way up they actually climb the cliff.  Remember this is summer down there.

Penguin rookery on the Falkland Islands.  Hundreds of Gentoo Penguins.

This was shot from the ship as we were leaving port.  This beack is very difficult to access.  Other beaches have other species, and are more accessible.

Magellanic Penguin at Punto Tombo.  One of 800,000 there.

These guys are similar to the Galapagos Penguin and the South African.  They burrow, and they are territorial, so the burrows are spread well apart.  No massed groups like the Falklands.

A male (standing) and female

Guanacos. a wild cousin of the Llama and Alpaca.  Totally un-bothered by all the toursts.  About 6' to the top of the head.  They are camelids, and like camels, they spit.

OK, that's a pretty good selection.  The Antarctica Peninsula was mid 20's to mid 30's F with very strong winds and heavy overcast.  Typical 80% of the time.  Puerto Tombo was in the low 80's and breezy. 
I had my S95 in my pants pocket all the time on the ship, the G15 was the least used, and only went on a tour of the Falklands that did not involve wildlife.  The FZ200 did about 2/3 of my shots, and with the heavy overcast and fog, the f/2.8 lens was important.

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