Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

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Re: Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

mike geier wrote:

I read them all, and have come to the conclusion that all the argument's in both directions conclude that I am, after all correct.

That said, I intend to buy an A6000 as it will probably be a good alternate body for my NEX 7s and it still wont have a metal body or the tri navi I really enjoy using.

But for taking pictures, I will bet it's just fine

Fair enough!

I suppose if you look at it entire superficially, in terms of pure physicality it's basically an NEX-7 with a composite body and no tri-navi, so in a way you're right...

but if you look beyond the outer skin (I'm not sure why would you choose to do anything else when it's what's inside the body that really matters?) it's:

  • An NEX-7 (or NEX-6) with a composite body and no tri-navi and;
  • a mode dial
  • PDAF and class-leading AF speed (claimed, yet to be proven)
  • updated 24mp sensor
  • different UI/menus
  • improved low-light performance (claimed, yet to be proven)
  • +/-5ev bracketing (maybe even via remote)
  • Wi-fi and NFC
  • custom settings via mode dial
  • different/less powerful flash
  • lower resolution EV with improved refresh rate
  • no mic jack
  • etc, etc, etc

Some of these differences/upgrades sound great, some not so good, some have little interest to me, but they're not insubstantial differences IMO.

Whether all these differences make for a camera that is ultimately better than an NEX-7 is yet to be seen - I suspect both will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe the problem I have with your title/premise is the word 'just' as that simply cannot logically apply.

But then, I'm sure you cannot honestly believe in your original statement! If so, I'm confused as to why you would consider buying one?

Each to their own I guess. I hope you enjoy it and it'll be interesting to hear your opinion when you get your hands on it

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