How do you keep track of your lens cap?

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Mike Fewster wrote:

I am posting this again because I think my previous contribution to the thread wasn't noticed because of the heading I used.

The Hoocap is brilliant and has won several awards. One touch and it changes from lens cap to lens shade while staying on the lens. Very nicely made. Unfortunately it only is made for one mft lens, the Panasonic 14-42. If enough asked, I am sure they would make other sizes.

Good idea Mike and they deserve success but if they have to design one for each and every lens then they have an uphill battle. Furthermore whilst they are obviously very good they are expensive and relatively bulky as part of the hood is forever fitted to the lens it is attached to.

I am interested of course but only one Canon lens that I own has one currently made for it out of a very extensive lens collection. That lens of course came with its own oem hood and cap.

Thereby hangs the Hoocap problem.

Someone using just a few lenses which just happened to be on their product list would be well advised to get one but where to for their other lenses if not made for them? Others will just have to wait and will lose interest.

The self-opening petal lens hood is another good idea but it also is restricted by the lens-type it will work on.

Tom, yes. I use it on a lens that I know will be on my camera more often than not and I wouldn't try to get them for all my lenses.

Another thing to be aware of is filter size. They wont work if you use oversize filters with a filter size adapter (I do this as I use a few cameras and try to get by with just one lot of filters. It isn't such a big deal as I don't have the problem often and the hoocap just clips off into my pocket on those occasions.

It is a good solution if you have something like a small tele walkaround lens

For those that want one, if it isn't available for the particular lens, I'd write to them.

Good points Mike, it seems to be  a very effective solution for the walk-around telephoto, from memory quite a lot of their offerings are for telephoto lenses even though the only one that they have that suits a lens that I own is for a Canon EF 24mm f1.4.   If I had them making custom Hoocaps for my little lens fleet they would not be making many others for a while

That was the rub.  Trouble is that most manufactrers like to design their own hood mounting flanges and even within their own lens stock they are generally not interchangeable (ask Canon).  Better if Hoocap made screw on filter-mount caps but then they would not be as nice nor would they necessarily line up their petals.  But they could make an alignment ring with grub screws to lock it correctly.  To my accounting mind it is a very good idea that might struggle for commercial success.  Every new hood has to make a profit on a very small turnover and injection moulds are pretty pricy to make.   They would need the capacity to make their own.

Matin has a two part reversable hood that uses filter ring mount.  One part screws into the filter ring and provides the reversing bayonet mount slots for the main part.  Quite ingenious, the only trouble is that by being a "universal" hood they have to make them pretty wide to clear any possible porky lens barrel and as such even when reversed the hood takes up a fair bit of room.  But a nice prodcut no less and a good solution when there is no other and of course being able to reverse the hood when not in use is a great idea.  They make them in various filter ring sizes and they are of a quality construction if fairly expensive.  Doesn't solve the lens cap problem though.

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