D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

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Re: D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

lampman wrote:

I am in the UK and hoping to buy the D800E in the next month or so, I would prefer to buy form my local retailer but I am not sure how long they have had their stock.

Having followed many threads regarding the AF focus issues on the D800/800E models there definitely seems to be less of a problem with models made more recently.

Would anyone bother to check serial numbers to make sure that the stock is relatively new?

If so could anyone who has purchased a D800E in the UK recently give me an idea of what serial numbers are being supplied currently, not expecting the full number, just something that would give me an idea to check against their stock.

I would love to be told I am being overcautious.

Thanks in advance.


My D800E (bought in mid 2013 to replace my first D600) has only has one instance of focus issues related to 2 copies of the 85mm F1.4 G I tried. both were not in focus wide open, adjusting it rendered stopped down images OOF. I eventually sent the second one back and got an 85mm F1.8G, which has been spot on, much like most of my other lenses (only my (now sold) 135 F2 DC needed real adjustment).

Basically PDAF on the D800/E is generally very good, but sometimes it can hunt/hesitate a little. It's not the end of the world. I remember my A900 with fondness, but it could be painful to get focus in low light.

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