FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: FX for a casual shooter?

Penny123 wrote:

Thanks, I have been thinking about this a lot and have enjoyed reading everyones views on this. What made me initially think of going FX was someone posted a deal on here of a D600 with 24-85 lens for £1,070 which seemed a bargain. I wish I had bought it and not open it until I decided what I was doing. At the moment I think moving to fx is going to be too costly but the time I buy a camera, walk around lens and then a 60mm to replace my dx 40mm. Perhaps I would, as someone suggested be better slowly collecting fx glass instead of doing it all at once. So at the moment I am thinking the best financial option is to go DX for the next four years and reassess things then but still not quite ready to press buy on the D7100. I just hope whatever I go for will help me get better shots than the ones I took today like below. Granted I used the focus point above the central one but well over 50% of my shots have missed focus like the one below using af-c, it was rather dark so again having to use iso 800. It is disheartening that I got the pose I want etc.. but the focus is off in all the good ones - typical!

Do you use the AF-on focus technique (using the AE-L/AF-L button to control focus rather than the shutter release button)? There is an article showing how to do it with the D90 here:


I use this technique all the time with the D600 - and wouldn't go back. It is great for moving objects, but perfectly good for stills, and makes focus and recompose a breeze. It isn't great for small hands - depends if you thumb can press the rear button while you also press the shutter release.

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