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Re: The good news...

captura wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Aaron801 wrote:

With those choices, I think I'd be interested in the GX7 or as I think I mentioned before a used EM-5. Still, even as a m4/3 user, I might take a look at that Sony as it does seem like it might be a great deal.

Yes at $800 it is nearly half the price of the GX7 or E-M1 with superior performance.

You are terrible at math!

btw, B&H has a userd (9+) GX7 with lens for $744 TODAY.  Get an extended warranty and it is still cheeaper than your camera that won't be around for a long time.

I certainly like the range of lenses for the m4/3 system, but mostly because it seems like with that might choice I can find something I'd want for cheap (only planning on having a select few lenses anyway). It's true that there doesn't seem to be nearly the choices for the Sony lenses and the ones that they have due to the format are bulkier... even so the idea of that extra IQ in a relatively small camera is intriguing and it might be worth a few compromises to have that.

You just need to look at all of the plusses/minuses and decide which ones are most important... max IQ, portability, lens choices. The truth is that all of these cameras take pretty nice shots, are pretty compact and accept a variety of pretty nice lenses...

The good news is the E-M1 and GX7 are available now. You can find some deals and refurbished models too. It appears that a Sony camera that might compete won't be available for a few months and even then the only upcoming lenses are larger and more expensive FE lenses. It is very telling that M43 has the cameras and lenses available today while the Sony people want you to wait until they have something else...some day.

Or you could wait until April.  "IMHO the GX7 has been intentionally over-rated by the community. It's mostly spin. It's sensor is not up to par."

We know the GX7 sensor is great (Ask DPR) and we know it has IBIS unlike any E-mount camera. Of course the lenses make the GX7 it even better. 

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