Camera Suggestions for Beginner

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Re: Camera Suggestions for Beginner

jalywol wrote:

kcinesser wrote:

Thank you for the suggestions. If I were in his position, I'd probably stump up the extra money for the EM10 or GX7, but he seems hesitant to spent much, and $600 seems to be the ceiling.

He said he doesn't mind not having a viewfinder, which is why I thought the EPL5 would be perfect, I'm just apprehensive pushing him in that direction if getting DSLR will give "better" results for a similar price. How would they compare image/IQ-wise?

The EPM2/EPM5 have absolutely wonderful IQ. He will not be giving anything up to the DSLRs he is looking at in that price range. The only area that M43s are not as good as a DSLR in is tracking autofocus...however the regular (single) AF in the M43s is very, very fast, so for anything short of tracking, they do exceptionally well.

Also, if he is not going to be doing lots of RAW processing, the JPEG output of the Olys is stellar.

I do also think he should look at the deal with the EPM2, because for $399 to get the camera and two lenses is just a remarkable deal (I had the EPM2, it is a wonderful little camera with exceptional output in terms of IQ).


Thanks again for the input. That does seem like a really good deal. My only concern is for the lack of control on the EMP2, and I think he's a little more interested in learning/moving out of auto. Although, now that I look at it, it doesn't seem like the EPL5 has much more...

Thanks again!

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