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I'm surprised that big stores like B&H and Adoroma have not received their stock yet.

B&H may have received the XT-1. The way they work is the status remains pre-order until all the pre orders are filled. If all the pre orders are filled and they are out of stock or will take months to get again for re stock they seem to change the status to backorder

it only says In Stock if they have no outstanding orders from what I have seen

i bought the X100s under pre order, they sold out and the status went back to pre order I assume because they knew they would receive stock maybe inside 30 days

the only way to know if B&H is shipping are those that ordered the camera and got your order sent to warehouse status update

their is also a web site you can check that checks status of inventory for major retailers and that is how I have bought in the past especially if you have multiple orders for the same product to try and cover your bases.

What's the website to check inventory?

I just checked the status of my order at B&H and it just says "On Order".

Now in Stock.net

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