GH3 - Now with lower pricing is it worth it/EVF Quality?

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Re: GH3 - Now with lower pricing is it worth it/EVF Quality?

MrTaikitso wrote:

If you are using it for video, my advice as someone who has been in consumer electronics since the 70s is not to consider anything that doesn't shoot 4K. Even if you have to spend a lot more.

Checkout the 4K demos from Sony and Panasonic on YouTube (on a good monitor or a 15" Retina MacBook Pro) and after you have removed your tongue from the floor, and then been even more blown away by the quality of even the still frames, you will understand what I mean when I say that 4K adoption is going to be way way faster than 1080P, so you don't want to be viewing 1080P on 4K or even 8K displays this time next year and beyond. (Yes, 8K is coming, and it has to due to the plan for wall sized video displays by Samsung/LG/Microsoft/Sony/Panasonic etc as flexible display tech arrives. Already NKK are recording some TV in 8K!)

For an example of how important this issue of comparative quality is, checkout a STANDARD (or even HD) broadcast on YouTube or on your Sky (UK) or other cable/satellite box and compare to 1080P. "Ooh, how nasty! How could I have spent 20 years watching that??" Exactly.

Well, the second people get used to 4K (this time next year!), then 1080P will appear to them as Standard and some HD does today.

You're recording the future, so be ready.

I'm saving for a GH4 because of this having been very impressed with the handling and quality of my GH2 of a few years ago.

Skip the GH3.

Thank goodness all that counts is the technical quality.  For a horrible moment I thought I was enjoying those horrible  Larry Sanders , Sopranos, Carnivale boxed sets.

I now don't have to worry whether the comedy us funny, just whether it is 4k.

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