Is the D300 still a viable camera choice in 2014? (vs. D90, D7000... D5100)

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Re: Is the D300 still a viable camera choice in 2014? (vs. D90, D7000... D5100)

I've owned all the bodies mentioned and used them thoroughly.

The D7000 has a great sensor and the AF system is very good for most work. I don't consider it a good action camera. Its a stop better in ISO performance than the D300 and its files are very malleable in post. My favourite Nikon sensor.

The D90 is a very nice body with a sensor virtually indistinguishable from the D300/s in real world use. A good package with the D200-style AF system and I still like it better than the 39 point AF system in the D7000/D610. Only one cross point but its strong and consistent.

The D300/s is still the top of the DX line in my opinion. The additional options for AF tailoring, external control manipulation, deep buffer and true robust build all add up to the winner in my reality. While I'd like a newer sensor I have to admit that the D300 sensor is very seldom a real limitation for most of my work. I'd simply like to have better. I like the D300 sensor to about ISO 1200. After that I'll probably have to use a bit of noise reduction in post depending upon the scene, subject and ambient light.  The D300/s is the sports camera of choice for the serious enthusiast (there, I said it).

I'd suggest you play around with the D90 once it arrives and see what you think of the sensor. You might find the D90 plenty of camera for you and all is good. If you decide you like the sensor but want more camera simply market the D90 and snag a nice D300 - there's plenty of them about. I have one available myself that was back-up to my D300s. I just added a D700 to my kit - another outdated moldy oldy.

Don't get in a rush here, give that D90 a spin. That will garner you more valuable information for your decisions than anything I or others can offer.

Best of luck to you.

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