For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: 2 for sale starting at $1700?

SeymourButts wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

SeymourButts wrote:

Patrick McMahon wrote:

tissunique wrote:

But they gave no specific figures on sales they just said it had sold well

Even if it was a modest seller it is better than a sell out with a large chunk of cameras that are defective and need to be serviced.

I think there are a whole lot of reasons it could never be a sell out, from lack of interest, to the 4 different units (in the US). Regardless I believe the representations made by Nikon because I think they could easily be called out on them.

I remain hopeful there will be a price adjustment, it seems that may get Df's into more users hands and I think they would really enjoy it. When the D700 dropped to $2350 in June 2009, I jumped.

Anyway... as I said before it is a good thing for us as Nikon shooters if the sales are good and the quality control is back on track.

I agree Pat. When the price settles down to where it should be for a camera with very limited features as the DF , Then and only then would I even consider it. Then on the other hand that will never because all the people who purchased it at it current price will fell that Nikon screwed them over..

$1600 seems a bit high. I was thinking $950 at the most... Or they could work out a lens sale where they give the Df? I don't know. It just seems you could sell more at $950 then at $1600, no?

Say hi to salami for me!

That price sounds about right for refurbished. Where may I find one at this price?

There are a couple of unhappy shooters with them. They will likely sell it for cheap! Some have very funny screen names and few posts. Perhaps you can do a search.

But don't fret if that doesn't work. There are posters who have a lot of friends who own camera shops. Apparently they may have to rent storage lockers for all of their Df stock! Oh happy day!

Keep an eye on Groupon!!!

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