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Great Camera - Tons of features

I got this camera a couple of weeks ago, through Airmiles, and I must say, I love this camera so far.  I used to (and still) have the K-1000 and ME Super, that I used back in the 80's through to the mid to late 90's, that's when I got my 1st Digital point & shoot camera.  Since then I have had two point & shoot cameras, and loved using them.  It's only lately that I got the itch to get back into SLR photography, but the prices were way out of my league (given my current situation).  So Thank goodness for Airmiles & their reward program.  I saw this camera.

I  was a bit worried that I would find it too confusing to get used to the many features it had, and I was in a neck to neck debate on getting this or the Canon T5i OR Nikon d5200.  Finally after checking many reviews & youtube videos on all cameras, I chose the Pentax.  I gave up some neat features, that I wanted, like flip-screen, No HDMI port, no external audio jack, but in the end, it was Pentax' MANY other features that sold me.

The weather/Dust/water resistant sealing is nice (although I don't really need that), but really what I wanted was a camera that I could have 100% control over it's many features & lighting etc...

This camera has a totally manual flash, that won't popup, if needed, now to most people that's a negative, but for me I wanted to have it IF I WANT IT, not if the camera says I need it.  This is useful for many creative photos you may want to do in dark locations.

There is also a ton of filters, that I honestly didn't know I had, such as the "extract color".  I thought that was only in the Nikon camera, but nope, I have it in my Pentax.

The fact that I can use my old Pentax lenses, was probably the thing that tipped the scale more in the Pentax favor.  You just have to make sure you enable the "Using aperture ring" in the camera's menu, and you're good to go, not to mention your lenses will be stabilized due to it's in-body Image stabilization.  I can also use my old Cokin filter system, which I used for many multiple exposure photos I took in my old SLR film days.  YUP...the Pentax K-50 also has Multiple exposure feature which will allow as much as 9 multiple exposures on one photo.  SWEET!!!!

The 6FPS is awesome also, and at default setting of the camera I got 20+ shots before the camera buffered, but if you up your settings you'll find that you'll get the 5-6 frames before it buffers.  It's all dependent on the settings you chose for that.

The camera also sold me in it's "feel".  the weight to it definitely  feels like there's some quality there, compared to the Canon & Nikon which to me felt cheap & not as rugged.

I also bought the additional AA battery adapter which is a GREAT feature, as I'm not really a fan of lithium's battery life cycle.  NiMh are the way to go for me...last way longer and you can get them anywhere at a way cheaper price.

In conclusion I have to say if you're considering this camera, go for won't regret it.  There's lots in this camera, I can keep on listing them, I've only touched on the few top reasons that I chose it.  The one thing I didn't like when shopping for it, was the white color, but you know what?  As soon as I opened up the box, I liked it and I'm starting to REALLY like it.  It definitely stands out.  If you have any questions, please do email me and If I can answer it I will.

So much to say about this camera, I feel I left a LOT of things out.  I took a 1/2 star off for no flip screen & the other things I didn't get with this camera.

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