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Re: Don't wait months

captura wrote:

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This is the OP... Thank you guys for the advice/input... This is great forum...

I do not like Sony because i worked for Panasonic (Automotive business)...

I considered EM-10 because it is cheaper...

I am now 80% decided with GX7 with kit 14-42... ($874) from BH/Adorama...

Is this good deal? this is the best i have seen this week... cheaper than amazon...

I am leaning towards adorama because their spill/drop warranty is cheaper $65 for 5 years...

Should I pull the trigger now? I can wait 2-3 more weeks... I am now excited to pull the trigger on this... and want to order today

Thanks for asking. I'd wait for a couple of months to get the new Sony A6000.

First you guys said wait for the A5000, then when it turned out to be pretty stripped down, it became wait MONTHS for the A6000. Notice how it is never "buy a camera that is available today"?

Get the GX7. It focuses faster than any NEX and does better video too. Lenses are better, you get IBIS, and you won't be sitting around waiting months hoping a cameras ends up being what the marketing claims.

I believe you are very insincere and just make things up to suit your own convenience. Who is "you guys" supposed to be? I have personally never encountered anyone ever saying, "wait for the A5000,"  It appeared by complete saurprise, and is acknowledged by Sony as the next 3 series replacement. I don't particularly like it.

At the time you guys were telling everyone to "Wait", no one knew the names of the cameras.  When they came, the A3000 and A5000 were disappointments, so everyone said "Wait" for the NEX 7 replacement.  Well, it is not coming, and the A6000 is all you have, but you believe it will fix all your camera problems...and again everyone needs to "wait"

Well worth waiting for.

Instead we already have the superior GX7 and E-M1.  No need to wait.  I plan on keeping my camera for a long while and have no need to wish for a better replacement.  The GX7 owners my bet agree.

Instead you are STILL waiting...It is a very long wait.

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