Nikon Df Review Bombs...Kinda

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Re: The thing about the Df is

Iliah Borg wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

LOL of course if a DSLR is larger it is also heavier compared to smaller ones

Depends on the materials used and battery.

LOL again you are just being silly.

And you being a judge. Reminds me of an old story about Paderewski.

But please continue.

You mine one line you can snark about because you have no response to the rest of my post.  I can see now you are just the type that just has to have the last word and will keep going, even when you can't make any response to what I actually said about the topic at hand, in order to make it happen.  I suspect you just misread my op and this whole thing was you just trying to save face  instead of just admitting it and moving on.  So I see no reason to continue my end of this "discussion".

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