NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...

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Re: NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...

MGJA wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

Why are you obsessed with sales? Isn't it enough that a tool exists that you can use and prefer?

I'm not techno, but I am kinda dissatisfied with NX sales too. If I buy an isolated unit like a smartphone, I don't care about sales. Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, whatever - I don't care how much they sell, as long as I can get the lastest Android on the latest hardware every year or so. It's a limited, known expenditure with a similarly clear depreciation horizon.

Actually, I'd say sales matter a lot more with a smartphone. A camera is far more isolated in terms of apps, support, product cycle, OS updates. A real also-ran model phone and you're probably going to be running Android 4.1 and have very few cases and accessories to choose from, which are arguably more important with that device than a mirrorless camera.

But the NX isn't the body. It's the system. Once I've started acquiring lenses, flashes, extenders, speedboosters, tripod ballhead release fast release plates and the like, you can bet I have a vested interest in the manufacturer not walking away from the system but continuing with timely updates of the bodies and an ever-broadening array of accessories. Worrying that Samsung will shrug and walk away from its NX system - which has, undeniably, been under preforming in sales - is entirely rational. They've done it before, with their DSLR:s.

Everyone has these worries, though. Even Nikon and Canon and Sony Alpha mount folks are worried MILC will replace the old mounts. With Sony, it appears to be happening more quickly than others (which is why I bailed on my A57).

Even Micro 4/3 folks were was worried that was a stop-gap system back in 2010. It was a strong undercurrent of discussion at the time, and look at it now - 4 years on and going stronger than ever.

With Samsung, I really see no immediate indication they plan to abandon the mount. Crappy PR and marketing? Perhaps - but it's still mirrorless and there's no looming register incompatibilities to worry about like EF, AIS, A/Minolta, Pentax...

And it's worth remembering that Samsung has had a long time to get traction. It started this line of products well before Fuji. Before Sony, even. Why has Samsung failed to capture the market? It's not a new system any longer. Sony is more recent, and Fuji is more recent still.

I wouldn't say 'well before', as they just barely beat the NEX to market. But I'd not disagree they've had ample time to develop the system in ways they have yet to.

On the technical side, Samsung has inexplicably been dragging its tail on delivering too. The company has a fine line of primes and a nice set of lenses, but the bodies have systematically been too little too late, introduced well after Sony already made big splashes with equivalent NEX:es.

I disagree with this. I've never found NX bodies to lag significantly behind the competition at all. In fact, I think they have been very competitive.

Take the NX30 - a year ago, it would have been a killer machine. And we know they had all that technology back then, because there is nothing radically new in there. But after the incomprehensible Galaxy NX detour, it looks rather lackluster now - upstaged by the Sony and Fuji AF advances which seem to hold the promise of MILCs finally being able to supplant DSLR:s, instead of just complementing them. Too slow again, Samsung.

How exactly is the NX30 so upstaged, and by what? I don't see the bullet points. It's certainly ahead of Fuji in MP, and offers features the others don't, like touch focus-shoot, lens based EV control and tilt EVF. In fact, I could be wrong but it seems Sony and Fuji are the ones that are somewhat late to the hybrid CDAF-PDAF scene with their mirrorless models.

How to fix it? Well, Samsung has no choice. If they ever want to start competing with Sony for real, they simply have to get out in front, as opposed to trailing along with a "me too" set of bodies with decent lenses. It is hard to believe that they couldn't - nobody in the world is in a better position to cram their bodies full with leading-edge electronics than Samsung. But for some reason, they seem to think that being a "me too" option will be enough.

Sorry, I don't agree that NX bodies have all been 'me too'. At the forefront of every technological innovation in mirrorless cameras? No, but not clones, copies or follow-ups.

Maybe it will. But they had better forget about premium pricing in that case. Which is fine by me, if they stay in the market and keep eventually updating. But I'm not at all sure it's fine with the Samsung bean counters. If they continue to hobble along at single-digit market shares with razor thin margins, at some point they will probably decide it's too much bother for too little return and get out.

A more robust market share wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but Sigma, Ricoh and other companies have their fans and uses without having chart-topping sales. I just don't see the whole 'dominate or leave' mentality.

Does your camera do what you need it to? If not, you should go out and get another brand.

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