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Re: Bait and switch

Yes, there are those trying to pull scams like that.    Thankfully, Internet is there, and bad eggs get exposed real fast.    One can also run a domain check.    Once checking out a retailer who claimed 'years in business' but had very little online rep, domain ownership check revealed same owner ran several other scam sites before.

Bait and switch can also take form where item is advertised as new, but what you get is either something clearly used or a lower tier model.    Oh year, they are real sorry about the mistake, and if you mail the item back they will exchange for the correct one.   Right.  Might as well throw it in the river - they will claim the item never reached them.   Or they ship you a damaged item in packaging that disintegrates if cat sneezes on it - and blame the carrier.

Anyways, scam artists like that accumulated rotten rep real fast.    Sucks to be their 'first customer' of course.

Rule of thumb: if it looks too good to be true, it ain't true.    The competition between legitimate retailers is cutthroat enough that they already sell at lowest acceptable to them prices.    If an item is significantly cheaper than what 'mainstay' guys sell it for, 99% chance it's a scam.

If I order something somewhere that's claimed to be in stock, and don't get a notice that item shipped in 2 business days, I contact them, and if they try to give me any BS, I pull the order, make sure my money is back - via credit card company if needed - and never deal with them again.

Speaking of B&H:   Sometime ago I ordered a laptop for $1200, and several days later, they dropped the price to $1150.   I gave them a phone call and they immediately credited $50 back. Practices like that is why I've been their customer for 15 years now.

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