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Re: Stupid question (probably)

hoakin1981 wrote:

So its most probably a stupid question but it doesn't hurt to ask. My quite old manual Pentax MX is loaded and ready to shoot with Kodak BW400CN film inside. It does have a meter and the same seems to be working ok but I haven't tested it yet. Anyway, in regards to this after shooting a couple of rolls I guess I will have a fairly good idea on the matter.

The question. Do you think I could use my DSLR to "meter" the scene and choose similar settings on the Pentax? The latter has an ISO setting, the aperture is set manually on the lens of course and the shutter speed goes up to a whooping 1/1000

Well, I cannot set the exact figures as shown by the DSLR meter of course except the ISO (400) but I could go close.

The simplest way might be to use use shutter preferred metering on your DSLR; you could then match both ISO and shutter speed exactly and use intermediate settings, if needed, on the aperture ring of your lens to get reasonably close to the indicated f-stop value.

So, do you think it could work? Has anybody tried this? Also, what metering method do you believe would be the most accurate for this, I am thinking spot.

Whatever metering method/mode you find works most reliably for your DSLR pictures should also be best for transferring to your MX. I haven't tried this as I just use a handheld meter for my film cameras, but there's no reason for it not to work out for you.

If you haven't done so lately, or had your MX checked at a service center, you might want to run a simple test to see of your aperture/shutter speed combinations are giving you consistent exposure. The link below opens to a Google book page that gives a simple way to do this.

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