For those who thought the Df flopped...

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Re: For those who thought the Df flopped...

benjaminblack wrote:

These forums are so useless now. I've spent the last several months watching people bash a camera they don't own, have never used, and will probably never hold. Personally, I can't tell you if the Df is good or not, I've never used one. But that hasn't stopped 99% of you from bashing this camera. Almost all of the naysayers hate this camera because of its price. That's right, because they can't afford it. Despicable.

I appreciate the OP simply sharing (factual) info that suggests the Df is selling really well in Japan.

For the rest of you, reserve your judgments for equipment you actually own.

One comment was made about the Df's Af system, for which he was politely told to look for another camera. Suddenly, the person who told him to look for another camera was told that he can't afford it. Read the posts. And since you brought it up; since when does making a buying decision, rest solely on price? Granted it is a big part of a decision, but other parts of that decision is a product's usefulness and the value of that product in relation to its capabilities. So what's despicable? Criticism of a camera; your assertion that the critics can't afford, what they perceive to be flawed tool; or your failure to understand what is being said in this thread?

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