Stupid question (probably)

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Re: Stupid question (probably)

hoakin1981 wrote:

The question. Do you think I could use my DSLR to "meter" the scene and choose similar settings on the Pentax? The latter has an ISO setting, the aperture is set manually on the lens of course and the shutter speed goes up to a whooping 1/1000

The two meters will meter a scene differently, of course, but assuming you like how your DSLR meters things, the biggest issue to me would be the relative sensitivities (i.e. does the DSLR meter factor in ISO 400 the same way the film SLR treats ISO 400 ?)

So, do you think it could work? Has anybody tried this?

Sure. I've even read about large format photographers using compact digicams with histogram readings in place of handheld meters.

Also, what metering method do you believe would be the most accurate for this, I am thinking spot.

Are you looking for accurate, precise, or appropriate ? All modes should be accurate, but not necessarily appropriate for a given scene. Spot should be the most precise, but you have to know what to do with it. You always have the histogram available to you.

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