Stupid question (probably)

Started Feb 19, 2014 | Questions thread
MysteryLemon Regular Member • Posts: 344
You could...

It wont necessarily be 100% accurate but you'll get results anyway.

Probs best thing to do would be to compare the meter readings between the 2 cameras in a few scenes and see how similar they are. If close then just assume the meter on the MX is good to go and use it. If theyre out loads then it's probably knackered.

The meters on old cameras were pretty primitive.  They're also pretty robust so if it seems like it's working, it probably is!

You might well get readings that are different to the DSLR but they really shouldn't be that far off.  I always treated the meter on my old Pentax K1000 and Practika MTL 5 as a guide.  I would adjust the exposure slightly depending on the scene and on my experience with results from the camera.

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