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Re: 67 is my preferred aspect ratio.

DenWil wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Just arriving back home after a 2 week trip to the USA, I added yet another Fujifilm camera to my family of 11. Now with 12 Fujifilm cameras in-house, perhaps some will finally be convinced that I do not hate and despite all things Fujifilm.

I enjoy my GF670W so much that I added the sister camera (seen below on the left), the GF670 folder to the mix. What a great camera, medium format quality that fits in a jacket pocket.

A **VERY** special thanks to Billy Inya!! Without him, this simply would NEVER have been possible!!

Not a Pentax but my Pentax won't fit in a car coat pocket.

The only shortcoming of this camera's design has been described as the occasional bellows sticking during the single side opening. There are events- Coachella for example- which will allow you to shoot with this camera creating relatively massive originals while they deny interchangeable little digital crop things. Have fun with these.

"deny interchangeable little digital crop things." Really? We know that you have an immense preference/bias for large MF and LF things, but that dig at digital cameras was rude and uncalled for.

Your information also seems to be out of date according to the Coachella FAQ :

  • No Professional Cameras
  • Yes Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Yes Film Cameras (Non-Pro)


So it appears that cameras like the GF670 and GF670W must be Non-Pro cameras if they're permitted at Coachella, and little digital crop things like at least two of these and possibly all three would be permitted :

Nikon's 'advanced beginner' DSLR, the D5300 takes the D5200's place between the entry-level D3200 and the enthusiast-targeted D7100 in the company's APS-C lineup. The D5300 offers a 24MP sensor (like its 24MP APS-C stablemates), an articulated rear LCD, and more physical controls than the D3200, but without the twin-dial interface and professional-grade AF system of the decidedly higher-market (and much more customizable) D7100.

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