GH3 - Now with lower pricing is it worth it/EVF Quality?

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comparing GH3 to GH2

I went from a GH2 to a GH3.  I've gone back and forth but over all I preferred the GH2's EVF.  The optics on the GH3 finder are not great.  The best analogy I can think of is looking through a pair of binoculars with less than ideal eye relief.  If my eye is dead center on the GH3's EVF everything is fine, but if it moves a little to either side it introduces some distortion at the sides of the frame.  The center 3/4 of the frame always looks good, however, so it is perfectly functional.

I also found it easier to manual focus with the GH2's EVF, which gives an almost peaking-like shimmer to in-focus objects.  With the GH3 I can't get perfect manual focus without magnifying the view.

In the GH3's favor, its OLED EVF has much better contrast than the GH2's display, and it also has less motion smearing in low light and with fast pans.  The colors of the GH3 EVF are much more vibrant but it has a hard time displaying true reds, which tend to look orangey.

Bottom line, for me, is that the GH3's EVF is completely useable and, while it could be better, it's not a deal breaker by any means.

Of course the best thing would be to try it yourself as there seems to be a lot of variation in how people take to the GH3 EVF.  Or, if you can't try before you buy, buy it from a place with a good return policy.

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