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Re: FE lenses are a kludge.

Lab D wrote:

captura wrote:

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captura wrote:

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captura wrote:

News for you: FE's are E-mounts, too.

Thanks for the laugh. FE mount is an FE mount, not an E mount. Why would anybody want to use a lens designed for another system?

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Completely infatuated with the "OMG"

Just a kind suggestion for you: - in future when you are tempted to say something which might be wrong or stupid, try asking Mr. Google first!

FE lenses share the E-mount with the APS-C (former NEX) lenses.

Sony FE (full frame) lenses on NEX? - Steve's Digicams Forums

sony-alpha-nex/ 209459-sony-fe-full-frame-lenses-nex.html'> sony-alpha-nex/ 209459-sony-fe-full-frame-lenses-nex.html

"I just stumbled upon a recent test of the Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* SEL55F18Z at They tested that lens on both a 'Full Frame' A7R and an APS-C NEX-7. That would seem to indicate that 'FE' lenses work on 'E' bodies."

They are compatible, so what? We all know that. It's still a kludge. Making a lens designed for one mount compatible with another does not change anything. If you listen to this point carefully, it might not go over your head this time.

You are right it is a total kludge and look at the prices on those FE lenses!

Thom Hogan asked if there would be anymore E lenses and the only thing Sony would say is FE lens fit on APS cameras (which Thom took as "no" because if the was "yes" there would be have bee a straight answer).

Here is what some FE lenses look like on APS much for small size!,491.366,ha,t

How is this different from FF and APS-C A-mount lenses? FF and APS-C E-mount lenses are the same. They are both called SELxxx - the FE nickname is just to separate full-frame image circle from APS-C E nickname.

Fwiw, the FE lenses are generating a lot of excitement, and their sizes are considered small. I guess you have not really read up on any of this, have you?

If the lenses are too big for your taste, get an m43 camera - isn't that your point?

Lol, FE and E lenses are both E mount lenses, and they work on both FF and APS-C E-mount cameras (nicknamed FE and E). Confusing, I am sure. Brilliant, as well.

Fwiw, I have been using FF lenses on my APS-C Nex cameras for years. They are not that big

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