My experience with the HX300 (pic intensive)

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Fungi Field Guide for US?

pro botanist wrote:

Carole M wrote:

For the record, I love the HX300 for birding especially; having that portable zoom without the weight is ideal for me.

You're right! Even if I buy a new camera, I'll keep my HX300 for birding.

I can tell you that it's not easy to be an expert on regional flora (just plants) and hardly on continental or even global. Throw in lichens and fungi and you have a few lifetimes of occupation.

If you're interested in plants (or fungi for that matter) that you photograph in the field, I suggest you get a good field guide. There are many out there and not too expensive.

Here's a nice guide of Australian fungi: There are others too. Keep in mind that some species cannot be indentified just from a picture and sometimes, especially in the case if fungi, a microscope is needed. If you plan to ID a fungus later, be sure to photograph it from all angles (underside!), check the smell, any discoloration after touching or cutting it, note the substrate that it grows on (soil or wood; what species?) etc...

Then, there are online sources, like this one:

Happy hunting!:)

Thanks for the link - know of one for the united states?

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