Leica "Pop" from the X1

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Leica "Pop" from the X1

First I'll start with the question " Does the Leica X1 give you that so called "Leica Pop" that i hear so much about?

I understand that its a combination of many aspects of the camera, lens and how the photographer makes them work together, does this specific camera produce those results that I hear Leica is known for. Does it produce the type of images that make you consistently say "WoW"?

A little about myself:

Recently I have been devouring every article and review I can about the Leica X1 (as well as other mirror less apsc cameras), either people love the X1 or they hate it. I am looking to make a purchase but reality has a way of keeping me on a limited budget, I know there are newer cameras that have all these fancy gadgets and high numbers but It all comes down to the facy that I want to capture moments to savior later.

Whatever camera I get I will need to be able to master and use for the foreseeable future. I would like to get the best setup I can for the price. I don't want to to purchase tons of lenses and accessories. I am wanting to break free of my DSLR and move into the rangefinder / portable class of camera. I want to carry everything I need easily in my pockets.

I do quite a bit of traveling, not necessarily abroad but my wife and I are rarely not on the go. We are very spontaneous and will sometimes stop on the side of the road if we see something interesting. This is when a portable camera would be Ideal. I have the Sony Nex camera with a few lenses and It seems like more of a hassle than anything esle. The decent lenses stick so far out of the camera it makes it difficult to just pick up and take along. I am finding myself leaving it in the vehicle more than I am grabbing it. I am looking for a portable solution that I can have with me at all times, something that will give me a little more than what I currently get from my Nex/Iphone 5s.

I am usually able to capture the moment with my Iphone camera and I feel blessed to have captured a few shots that I feel have the "soul" that others seem to comment about in their own or others images. The iphone is very limited, other than filters I have no direct control over any other aspect of the picture.

I guess I am looking for comments from actual users/owners of the camera, I don't really care for all the marketing hype and all of the numbers associated with it.

I'm just a normal guy that has a passion for capturing the pure pleasures of this life. I would love to capture some of these moments to look at and cherish later.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated and would help me make the right decision.

Thank you!

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Leica X1
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